Past Projects and Report

Since inception, Oasis Muslim Care Foundation has been able to touch the lives of some Muslims through your generous donations. Although what we have done so far may appear so little, we believe it is a good start. However, the goals of this foundation are far beyond what is attainable at present. We intend to touch the lives of more Muslim patients, widows and orphans in a more sustainable way. This message is that of appreciation and pleading for further support. Without the contributions and pledges from you, we would not have been able to assist those individuals (see details below), that is why we are thanking you for your assistance so far. Some of the cases we treated have not been completely executed (e.g. Musibau Adewoye’s case) but due to the pressing nature of the other cases, we decided to take on those that require less financial constraints.

Right now, there are two kids who need urgent medical attention and a widow who needs financial support. For these reasons, the present number of donations we are receiving have become insufficient. We need more donations and new donors. We are thus seeking your assistance in getting more people to pledge for donations and for you to kindly increase your donations (if Allah makes it easy). May Allah ease your affairs and may he not deny you the rewards of this noble act.

Below is a summary of the Muslims we have assisted through your donations:


Ayyub Yusuf was a student of Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin. He was on his way to the school when he was attacked by some ritualists last year. He was assaulted and was left with a deep cut on his head. He was taken to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital where he underwent treatment. He needed more money for some tests and thus approached Oasis Muslim Care Foundation for assistance. We gave him N7000 (seven thousand naira) only and alhamdulillah, he is hale and hearty today. We say jazakumullahu khayran (may Allah reward you better) to you for helping this Muslim.

Mrs. Mariam Musa Agaka

Mariam Musa Agaka is a widow who has 5 children. She lost her husband 2 years ago and was left with the burden of raising the 5 kids on her own. We got to learn about her case when her landlord gave her a quit notice despite the pleas from friends and relatives to extend her stay. Her husband was building a house before his demise and the house was about 60% completed. Some concerned Muslims brought her case to Oasis Muslim Care Foundation and we decided to assist her though we had little funds. We contacted some individuals on her behalf and with the assistance of Allah, she is now living in the house her husband built. In addition, we gave her N10,000 (ten thousand naira). Many thanks to you for helping this widow.

Musibau Adewoye

The case of Musibau Adewoye is that which saddens our heart. This 30 year old Muslim is battling with a heart disease which needs surgical intervention. We have been on his campaign for a while but we finally decided to let go (due to other pressing cases) last week. We were only able to raise N50,000 (fifty thousand naira) for him out of the almost N800,000 (eight hundred thousand naira) needed for his heart surgery in India. The initial amount for the surgery was N3.5 million at Apollo Hospital, Delhi but we later contacted some Muslim doctors who linked us with another hospital that decided to treat him for a lesser amount. Miraculously, Allah is still sparing his life despite the deadline that doctors at UCH, Ibadan gave him. Perhaps, this is a test to all of us to see if we would just sit and watch him die. He can be reached on his phone 08060481878 if you want to assist him.

These are the people we have been able to assist. Very soon we will be commencing on another campaign to save another Muslim life. We are counting on Allah’s assistance and your funds to achieve our aims.

The pledge form can be downloaded here and our account details are as follows:

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